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More than 100 PMU ranches lost their contracts in 2003 and another 30 ranches lost their contract in 2005.  When these ranches closed, their mares and foals were in dire need of homes.  We worked with the United Pegasus Foundation to find homes for the Premarin mares, foals, geldings, and stallions.  Most of these horses were of draft and Quarter Horse bloodlines.  There were thousands of horses in the PMU program that needed to be saved!  We adopted out as many as we could.  You can find pictures of some of the horses we adopted out under the Placed PMU Horses link above.  The ranchers use the mares for urine collection; and when that option is eliminated, they want to get rid of them as soon as possible.  These horses would have ended up at auctions and slaughter houses if we did not save them. 

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